How to use Garmin Connect?

How to use Garmin Connect?

Garmin Connect is the powerhouse of all the wearables offered by This is the platform that you can use to track your activities, analyze your daily workouts, customize your smartwatch, and a lot more. It has a whole range of options that you can access and enjoy the wearable experience that you have never thought of. 

Explore Garmin Connect Application

If you are a Garmin Smartwatch user or are planning to purchase one for you, then you must be aware of the working of the Garmin Connect application. The usage of Garmin Connect goes through several steps. To know how you can get your hands on various options that this application offers, you have to look at the information provided below. 

Step 1: Garmin Connect Setup

To make the best use of the Garmin Connect application, you first have to download and install it on your smart device. The process for the same is stated below. 

  1. Unlock your mobile device and open the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone. The choice of the store will depend upon the operating system of your device. 
  2. Now, search for the Garmin Connect application by typing the exact name in the search bar.
  3. Choose the official mobile application of Garmin Connect from the search result and click “Install”.
  4. As the download begins, wait for it to successfully download on your device.
  5. On the completion, run the application either by clicking the “Open” tab right from the store or you can click its icon from the phone menu.
  6. This will display the welcome window on your screen. Here, Garmin asks you to sign in to your account or create a new one. Opt for any of the options, as required, and complete the process. For account creation, provide all the details it seeks for. However, to sign in, you just need to have your associated email address and password. 

Step 2: Smartwatch Pairing with Garmin Connect

After setting up the application, you need to link your Garmin wearable to the Connect application. The process is simple and easy to perform. Take the help of following instructions to get it done smoothly. 

  1. Once you are signed into your account, you will get a screen to connect your Garmin smartwatch to the application. 
  2. To do so, take your watch and enable its Bluetooth. 
  3. After turning it on, look for the “Pair device” option in the settings list and click it.
  4. Now, go back to your smartphone and select “Yes” to step ahead with device pairing. 
  5. The list of Garmin wearable devices will come up on the screen. Choose the model of your smartwatch and permit Bluetooth to perform the process.
  6. You will then be asked to invade your personal details. Provide the correct details and select “Next”.
  7. Followed to this, select the “Search Device” option and the process will commence. 
  8. Garmin will send a pairing code that will display on the screen of your smartwatch. Enter the code in your mobile device and click “Ok”.
  9. Garmin will now continue the process of device pairing. Wait patiently without changing the screen. 
  10. Once the device pairing gets completed, you will be notified with a completion message. Click “Ok” and start using your device. 

Step 3: Activities You Can Execute

When your device gets paired successfully, you can start performing several functions on it. To boost your smartwatch experience, you will get the following options. 

  1. On the upper panel of the main interface of the application have a watch icon. Clicking it, you will get the various options to personalize your watch interface. Some of the options you will get are Appearance, Garmin Pay, Activity tracking, Sounds and alerts, and much more.
  2. On the bottom panel of the application, you will get the options such as:
  3. My day: To get the details of your daily heart rate, steps you have walked, calories you intake and burnt, Floors you climb, and more. 
  4. Challenges: You can create challenges with your friends, join challenges, and see your connections. 
  5. Calendar: To add events, goals, workout sessions, make notes, add an activity, etc. 
  6. News Feed: This section will tell you what your connections are doing, their workouts, and much more. 
  7. Notifications: Here you will get various updates or other messages. 
  8. The maximum number of options are available on the left-hand panel. To get all the options, click the three horizontal lines from the upper-left corner. You will get the following options there: Activities, Heath Statistics, Golf, Training, Groups, Contacts, Connect IQ Store, Settings, Garmin Devices, and a lot more.

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