Reporting Map Errors on Automotive Devices

If your GPS device or app is malfunctioning due to a mapping issue, follow these recommendations. For instance:

  • A place, street, etc., is missing from your device.
  • Your smartphone displays the incorrect address for a place.
  • You can’t use the navigation to find a certain place.
  • Your navigational device advises avoiding unsafe roads, closed exits, or inaccessible freeways

If your problem doesn’t quite meet this description, go back to the main Address, Route, and Map Problems page.

1. Upgrade Your Gadget

Ensure that the navigation software and map data on your device are up to date. Someone may have already reported and fixed your precise issue.

The most recent map update from the device’s manufacturer may need to be manually downloaded and installed if you use a specialized GPS device, such as a car navigation system. Consult the manufacturer or the instructions for your device for particular information on whether the download is free or requires payment.

2. Enter an Adjustment using your Device

Many navigational tools and applications, including those from Apple and Google, allow you to report issues directly from the tool or app. The device then submits your correction to the manufacturer wirelessly or by using the Internet connection on your computer.

If this functionality is available on your device/app, check the menus and documentation.

3. Online Correction Submission

Even if the previous methods fix the issue in your device, it can still occur on other people’s devices.

To report a mapping error to other businesses and organizations that maintain digital maps, go to the following websites. We advise reporting the same issue at each of these websites to reach the most GPS users.

4. Patiently Wait

It could take each map supplier weeks or months to verify your correction after you submit it before updating their maps.

If you use a mobile app or online map, you should receive an update as soon as it is released.

However, you might need to manually download the update if you use a specialized GPS device to view the change. Consult the manufacturer or the instructions for your device for particular information on whether the download is free or requires payment. Likewise, unless they upgrade their gadgets, other individuals might not notice the change.

5. Understand

Please be aware that the American government is unable to remedy mapping mistakes in consumer electronics and software. The GPS satellites owned by the government are merely beacons that devices utilize to determine their latitude and longitude. The satellites do not transmit any mapping data. 

The mapping data in consumer electronics/apps and internet maps is maintained by the commercial sector. Please get in touch with the companies that make the gadgets, applications, and maps if you need any additional assistance.


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