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Garmin is an American wearables and smartwatch company. Garmin Venu is the brand’s first smartwatch which features an AMOLED display. It has a battery life of up to five days and includes features like animated exercises, sleep monitoring, and more. Here is our review of the Garmin Venu smartwatch,

Garmin Venu Review

Garmin Venu has a silicone band and a round dial. It is the company’s first watch with an AMOLED display and weighs 46.3 grams with the regular 43mm size. The 1.2-inch screen on the Garmin Venu smartwatch has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on top and the display has sufficient brightness levels with vivid colours. It can be used in sunlight without any issues. Two buttons are arranged one after the other to the left of the timepiece. The activity screen gets open with a single tap on the one at the top. Long pressing activates the shortcut menu. When pushed repeatedly, the bottom button brings up the settings menu and serves as a back button when hit once. The screen may be used for additional tasks including tapping down to expand the menu and swiping for workout information. However, using the smartwatch’s display to navigate through the watch will be a little challenging at first, but you will get used to it soon. It has a charging port on the rear side of the device. It has a four-pin charging connector and does not support wireless charging. On the back side, the heart rate sensor is also visible. The smartwatch is available in blue, rose gold, black, and black and blue colours. 

It has more than twenty pre-programmed physical workouts available. There are both indoor and outdoor activities included in this list, such as walking and jogging on a treadmill, cycling, swimming, cardio, golfing, skiing and snowboarding. The smartwatch is simple to set up and works with both Android and iOS devices. Simply download the Garmin Connect app, log in, and then adhere to the directions. Other than the 20 physical activities that come pre-loaded on Garmin Venu, additional routines can be also added. It offers twelve animated training routines for supervised, step-by-step exercise sessions. When activated, the function places a human figure performing the stated tasks, such as a yoga stance or strength training, on the display. To track your daily active routine, the Garmin Venu also keeps track of the number of steps you take, calories you burn, stairs you climb, and other activities. The watch has menstrual cycle tracking for women’s health monitoring and to keep track of one’s physical and mental health, one can note the days on a calendar and add symptoms before, during, and after the menstrual days. The watch can also control the body’s level of hydration. It also has a pulse oximeter to gauge blood oxygen saturation levels. Additionally, a GPS tracker is integrated for mapping workout routes. The Venu smartwatch has a “body battery” that is used to monitor users’ levels of fitness throughout the day. The watch also comes with Garmin’s Always-on display mode. Users can also check their pulse rates. The heart rate sensor is located nearer the back side. The Garmin Venu wristwatch has a sleep monitoring feature that helps monitor various aspects of sleep, including light, deep, and Rapid Eye Activity (REM), as well as breathing rate, oxygen saturation, and movement. Although these features are quite effective, being honest, the facts and graphs can confuse many users.


The Garmin Venu wristwatch has a lot of fans among both Android and iOS users because of the features like an always-on display, an AMOLED screen, and five days of battery life. Its main rivals are the Fitbit Versa, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Apple Watch. Some of the features that make it the perfect sports watch are animated features and 24-hour fitness tracking. It is on the expensive side but overall it is a good smartwatch to invest in.


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