How to Use the Garmin Connect Course Creator Tool?

You’ve probably dabbled with online mileage and training logs if you’re a regular cyclist or runner. To your training information, these online services add excellent value. Furthermore, they practically eliminate all of the tediousness associated with collecting, storing, and analyzing training data when combined with data uploaded from a sports GPS device. Here’s the guide for the Garmin connect course creator tool. Online training logs have been complemented by tools like Design My Ride, which help you map, measure, and pre-plan routes. Also, in its free Garmin Connect service, Garmin has properly mixed the features of online training logs and online route planning and mapping services. Then, the route planning and mapping feature is known as Course Creator.

Moreover, you can also export a route file to your Garmin GPS device with Course Creator. Though, if you want to pre-map a new route in a new location, the export feature is fabulous. A mapping GPS such as the Garmin Edge 800 from a pre-loaded route can give you one-by-one directions. Below is explained step-by-step on how to use the Garmin connect course creator tool.

Getting Started the Garmin Connect Course Creator Tool

Start a free account at Garmin Connect if you don’t already have one to begin using Course Creator. Although you don’t need a Garmin sports GPS device to design and share courses online, it will assist you have the best out of Garmin Connect and Course Creator if you do. 

  • Firstly, go to the Garmin Account Sign In page and select Create One from the form’s drop-down menu. 
  • Next, click Create Account after providing your name and email address and after selecting a password for your account.

You can access the full website when you have logged in and begin making a course.

  • Then, to access the Courses page, select Training from the left-hand menu, followed by Courses.
  • After that, to access the Select a Course Type window, click the Create a Course button.
  • Now, select the desired course type from the drop-down menu. You have various options, including running, hiking, road cycling, and more.
  • Further, select Custom under Drawing Method before pressing Continue. Another choice is Round Trip, which makes it simple to quickly construct a course with a specific mileage. But rather than creating a round-trip course, the next stages are for creating a particular course.
  • In addition, to choose a beginning point, click the map. Alternatively, you can start anywhere using the Location search bar at the top of the page.
  • To add another course point, simply click on the map once more. Repeat this procedure until you have finished creating the course. As you build the path, the Course Creator tool will show the entire mileage in real-time.
  • Take note of the options on the map’s left side. With the Freehand option, which will generate direct lines from each of your course points, you can even make the course follow your every move while having your course points follow common routing or roadways.

To complete a loop route, click your way to the final destination you want to be sure you reach, then choose Loop to Start. Below is further information about these choices.

  • Use the pencil symbol to give your course a name, and then press the Save New Course button to save it.

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